“So I Gave Him My Bible”

This morning I was reading a friend’s post about how his flight was canceled and he and his wife had to stay on their honeymoon an extra day. They ended up meeting a cab driver and talking all about Jesus. My friend remembered he had packed a Bible from home and gave it to the cab driver whose eyes were glowing. As I read the post, I suddenly realized something had been rubbed raw inside of me. He gave away his BIBLE!?BIble
I have given away Bibles before- extra ones, free ones that I didn’t use often, but I’ve never given away my OWN Bible. I had a sobering moment as I realized that if I had been faced with the same situation, I probably would have talked about Jesus but wouldn’t have given him my own, precious Bible. I know…. I know… talk about conviction… There is so much irony here– that I would be willing to share Jesus in speech, but not in action.
Let’s be real for a minute- If you were in that situation, except God asked you to give something like a gold watch that was worth millions, would you be willing to just hand it over to a stranger? What about a precious family heirloom? Ok… How about your only Son? (Ouch!) See what I did there? … And that’s exactly how I felt when I read my friend’s words: “I pulled out the Bible and gave it to him.”
Not to stretch things too far, but Jesus IS the Word. I could give away all my Bibles and somehow never see another Bible again and yet I would still have the Word of God. Yes, the Bible is EXTREMELY important. Yes READ IT! But the reality of the situation is that fear should never dictate what I will or will not do for Him. It didn’t dictate whether or not Jesus died on the cross for me. And it should definitely not dictate whether or not I fulfill my calling in sharing His Word with others.
The end of my friend’s post said that the cab driver looked at him and said “I cannot accept this without an exchange” and he traded his book for my friend’s Bible. Wow! Now here is someone who understands that value of the gift he has received. He gave up what he had so that he could honor what he had been given.
And like my friend, Jesus accepted our book for His better one. May we be willing to share this same act of love with the World- no matter the cost.