Ideas for Serving in Your Community

Are there no events coming up for you to volunteer for in your community? You can still serve in your community! Here are some ideas we have pulled together for you!

– Host a Book Drive
Invite people in your community to bring their gently used books to donate toward your local community center, elementary school, library or children’s hospital. Determine turn-in dates and ask if local businesses would donate prizes for the top donors.

– Feed the Homeless

Call surrounding restaurants and ask for any food that they could donate toward a day of feeding the homeless. Take a group downtown and walk around in smaller groups, delivering the food to all of the homeless.

– Kids Day for Single Parents

Get a group of friends together and ask your church if you could use a room in their building for an afternoon or evening. Invite single parents in your community to drop off their children of a few hours of free babysitting. Plan fun games, crafts and activities and pick out a movie or two for the kids to watch.

– Food Pantry Volunteering

Call your city’s food pantry and offer to go sort food.

– Restaurant Missions Fundraiser

Many fast food restaurants offer a fundraising night program where a percentage of their total profits go toward a cause. Call around to local restaurants and schedule a night to raise funds for a missionary currently serving in another country or a family in need.

– Blessing Bag

Fill a gallon-sized plastic bag with essential items such as: travel-sized tooth-paste, travel-sized toothbrush, deodorant, Band-aids, a water bottle, and non-perishable food items and keep it in your car to give out anytime you pass a homeless person on the street.

– Film Festival

Host a local film festival by using a large room in your church. Invite your friends and people in the community to submit their original short film and then invite the community to come watch them. Sell baked goods and drinks to raise money for a local cause or for missions.