Frequently Asked Questions

Does my event have to be a church-related or ministry event?
No, your event does not have to be affiliated with a church or ministry. School events, business events, etc. are welcome to submitted but all events will be reviewed be website personnel to ensure the event is intended for serving the community and follows the purpose of the website.

How will I know if anyone wants to volunteer for my event?

Once an event is posted, the viewers will have access to the email address that you submitted on your Event Submission Request Form. They will be able to contact you for further details and information. Any further contact requirements or sign-up processes will be up to the discretion of each organization’s event staff.

Can I submit photos or flyers of my events for publicity?

Yes! has social media accounts and would love to post photos or flyers of your events. You can either email or to submit these photos. You can also send a private message to the Where Can I Serve Facebook page. We encourage sharing these posts so that it inspires the community to serve more. These posts will also be according to the discretion of personnel.

Can I share my blog posts of times I served or times I was served?

Yes! will occasionally post stories from people who have served or people who have been served. You can submit your story by sending the link to you blog post to or These posts will also be according to the discretion of personnel.

Do you have merchandise for sale or will you sell my organization’s merchandise?

Our goal is to eventually have a web store where we can sell merch to raise money to keep the website up and running and also where we can promote other organizations’ merch to help raise awareness for other organizations. If you would like to help speed up the process, any donation would be appreciated.

How can I help?

Pray! We are undertaking a big dream and could always use prayer and encouragement. We would love your support on social media and your participation in the events that are posted on our event calendar. Also, any monetary donation that you provide is extremely appreciated.