Serving Through Leadership

Written By Jill Grossmanwherecaniserveblorauthor1

Brittney and Jonathan have asked me to blog on the subject of Serving Through Leadership. The first thing I thought is you can’ t be a leader without first serving somehow and someway. Serving someone is not only a privilege it’s a calling. God may have you serve on short term missions, or on the worship team every week, or in the children’s department loving on those kids. Serving is not about how big you serve, it’s an attitude of the heart…because God is calling you to serve there. Continue reading

What Is

In December of 2015, I had the opportunity to serve with my company by taking the hand of a child at a Nashville Elementary School and walking with them to pick out a hat, socks, shoes and a backpack. For most of the children, it would be the only Christmas present they would receive that year and for many, it would be the only pair of shoes they own that were the correct size to fit their growing feet. Watching the bewilderment and genuine gratefulness in their eyes, I saw the unfolding story of countless families in our community who are facing similar financial struggles and even find it difficult to have meals at night. It gave me a hunger to do more in our community and to link up with other people who would love to find local venues where they could serve.

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Our Story

Jonathan and I had been serving in our church for several years as youth worship leaders. We were at the church several nights a week for rehearsals, events, services, etc. But lately something was weighing on my heart and inspiring me to wonder if I was actually fulfilling the call to serve according to the Bible. Serving in the local church is absolutely 100% Biblical and important, but Jesus spent a lot of time out in His community, teaching in public places, healing strangers, washing feet and encouraging non-believers. He didn’t have any best-selling books, #1 songs and often the people that he spoke to didn’t even know his name. Yet, His life was an incredibly beautiful and humbling picture of love. Continue reading